It gives your status amongst your friends your status number is based on the total number of friends you have and your popularity bar rating your friends voted on you.

Gives you a combined % number based on the number of friends you have and what your friends voted on you along with the thumbs up/down feature(this number will constantly be changing according the positive or negative interactions between the friends)also IF YOU CLICK ON THE % BAR it will take you to the list of your friends and you can see what they voted on you in the question list game.

This feature helps you to know your friends who are connected within the application. Friends feature takes you to the list of friends you have where you can see their numbers like how many friends they have and IF YOU CLICK ON THE SMALL BLUE FRIENDS LOGO IT WILL GIVE YOU THE LIST OF THEIR FRIENDS. what is their status number amongst you and their popbar number percentage also it gives you access to the question list where at any time you can change your voting on any of your friends which of course will change their popbar rating number.

Client Testimonial

ADM systems have met all our expectations and goals. The whole team beginning from the technical to consultancy, the project managers and the support staff, have been very quick and diligent in providing us with the system that has enabled us to get through all the bottlenecks and achieved success at considerable rates."