Giving the Android voice to the News Lovers!

Jano Duniya is coming up with its Android App to give the news lovers their day.
Now the news can be watched live on the users’ mobile devices exclusively through Jano Duniya App. An app that can stream the news live from their streaming server.

Experience the news from Jano Duniya just at your finger tips

It is an app to enliven the Jano Duniya news channel on the mobile devices for the Indians to remain always connected anywhere, everywhere and wherever they are. It is easy to install, and very convenient to use.

Download the Video

Users can also download and install any video of their own choice, at their comfort and ease and watch them whenever they want.

Client Testimonial

We have been associated with ADMS since last many years and in all these years they had gone much beyond our expectations. They had always provided us with the solutions wherever we have encountered any problems. Whenever required, the project manager was always there to assist us and went out-of-the-box to provide us solutions. The result of their dedicated hard work and services is in front of us with one of our projects Jano Duniya."